sometimes i fear that i have said so many nasty things about bill maher on the internet that, if he were hypothetically killed some day, a dedicated legal team would be able to establish a motive for me as the killer and frame me

Marx Does Media Analysis, Part 1

I want to bring attention to some articles Marx wrote in 1861 for the New York Daily Tribune. Marx had a long-standing concern with the press and its political role. Marx worked as newspaper editor in Germany twice during the 1840s.  Throughout the 1850s into the mid-1860s he was a foreign correspondent for several papers. As an editor he regularly analyzed and criticized the positions taken in other papers. As a correspondent in 1861 he began writing about British responses to the Civil War for the Tribune’s readers in America. During a period in 1861 when Parliament was not in session, Marx wrote repeatedly about the coverage of the war in the British press. In these articles Marx sketches a brief, clear, and explicit materialist media analysis. The most substantial part of this sketch appears in the article The London Times and Lord Palmerston.


"Let the indestructible friendship and cooperation of the Soviet and Chinese peoples live and grow stronger!", 1951.


"Let the indestructible friendship and cooperation of the Soviet and Chinese peoples live and grow stronger!", 1951.

Symbol for Drug Store, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Russell Lee
May 1937
Symbol for Drug Store, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Russell Lee
May 1937

Veterana de la II Guerra Mundial habla sobre Stalin (Sub.Castellano)




San Francisco Chinese Restaurant Temporarily Closes Because White Gentrifiers are Annoying and Entitled

A series of customer complaints angered the chef-owner of the small Chinese restaurant so much that he chose to shut the doors, albeit, temporarily, SF Eater reports.

“We are closed because of you (customers),” one sign read.

“So…yes we use MSG, we don’t believe in organic food, and we don’t give a shit about gluten free,” a sign directly below the first proclaims.

The chef tells KGO-TV that he made the signs because he was tired of catering too hard to satisfy patrons.

To illustrate his frustration, he explained one of the incidents that led to the closure:

“The second guy came up to me and said, ‘The rule is, if we don’t like it we don’t have to pay.’ And as he walked out he started cursing at me and that’s when I went ‘poof’,” the chef says.

An employee with the restaurant told the SF Eater that another incident occurred just prior. In that case, the party refused to pay for their meals after saying the food was “too spicy.”

(To quickly address the stigmatization of MSG- it is racist bullshit)

The whites refused to pay for food bc it was too spicy……….

this guy rules

The Racist Myth of MSG and 'Chinese Restaurant Syndrome'


This is the story of a racist myth that began with a light-hearted letter to the New England Journal of Medicine in 1968 and subsequently exploded in North American culture — in direct opposition to every shred of scientific evidence — becoming so prevalent that credulous eaters buy into it to…

yungassgod asked
Not specific enough, actually. I was able to gather something to that effect. But are you old? Flatter a young(er) and curious person, please. If you do live in America, and you know the education and culture we have, I'd hope that you'd understand. I mean, what about him? Even if I'm aware of the massive propaganda that surrounds me by default, I'd like more to go off of. Are there any resources you would recommend even?

well, because you asked nicely, i’ll oblige.

i’m 28, so that’s pretty old for tumblr, and i live in and am from america, but i think it has little to do with age or location. i advocate marxism-leninism and feminism because i think they provide the analytical calculus necessary to solve society’s problems.

when i say “i love stalin” it of course takes a long time to unpack the statement. of course not everything he or the soviet union did was perfect, or even good, but by simply examining the context within which the soviet union was predicated you can understand why they might have had good reason to do what they were doing. for example, many people will look at the ‘great terror’ period and say “oh this is very bad”, but archival records show that officials at the time did indeed believe that there were saboteurs — nazis or irredentists or what have you — who wanted to wreck socialism. this is starkly in contrast to the dominant anti-communist narrative, where everything in the ussr was the result of stalin’s actions and everything he did was for the purpose of self-aggrandization. (ref. cit. Life and Terror in Stalin’s Russia, Robert Thurston)

in many ways, stalin’s relevance to today isn’t that we should turn the whole world into the USSR circa 1938, because that would be nonsense. if anything, the anticommunists are the ones who insist that stalin is still relevant, because they insist that communism is a fool’s gambit that can only lead to totalitarianism, and instead you must use the tools given by liberal bourgeois way. in a sense, it is like somebody plotting to bankrupt wal-mart by using only the coupons that wal-mart will allow them.

this is deeply tied to the middle-class belief of “absolute power corrupts absolutely”, and so forth. it is therefore pertinent to demonstrate that the rise of communism brought with it the most massive uplifting of people’s lives in the history of mankind.

i suppose if you wanted a book to read that could in some ways enunciate what i think is important, michael parenti’s “Blackshirts and Reds” is a short classic. it’s ultimately insufficient, though, as the critical deconstruction of society and also yourself and your actions (here i refer specifically to feminism advocacy) is a lifelong process.

and anybody who don’t like it can just pop off