maplewood: not bear-friendly

maplewood: not bear-friendly

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"Feh.. It’s me, Inuyasha, the half-demon. I can defeat every demon who crosses my path. You think you can take me?"


Macklemore pointed to the door. “go away, Inuyasha” he mackled

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So I was driving behind this truck and seen this huge dog and I was like lemme take a photo of this creature, so I honked my horn a little so it would look at me and then………….

Un Rabino opina sobre el “Conflicto” entre Israel y el pueblo palestino en Gaza

above: argentina team with grandmas who had their kiddos taken away in argentina’s dirty war

lio messi being a smiley man

It is important for this country to make its people so obsessed with their own liberal individualism that they do not have time to think about a world larger than self.

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